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У оквиру ЕРАСМУС програма – кредитна мобилност – расписан је конкурс за особље Филозофског и Природно-математичког факултета Универзитета у Бања Луци. Доступна је једна стипендија за гостујућа предавања (teaching) и једна стипендија за обуку (training), свака у трајању од по 5 дана, на Аристотел Универзитету у Солуну (Грчка). Размјена се мора обавити најкасније до 10. децембра 2018. године.

У оквиру ЕРАСМУС  програма – кредитна мобилност – расписан је конкурс за студенте Филозофског и Природно-математичког факултета Универзитета у Бања Луци. Доступна је једна стипендија у трајању од четири мјесеца за једносеместрални  боравак на Аристотел Универзитету у Солуну (Грчка) у зимском семестру, у академској 2018/2019. години.


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ХII саветовање: Одрживи развој


Обавештавамо Вас да ће се у мају 2018. године одржати ХII саветовање:

Одрживи развој Браничевског округа и енергетског комплекса Костолац

Имамо част да Вас позовемо да одржите предавање по позиву из области одрживог развоја, са темом из ваше уже научне области. Ваш предлог теме предавања и сам рад дос-тавитинаучном одборусаветовањау електронском облику најкасније до 01.04.2018. године. ВИШЕ…

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Natural hazards – Нови Сад

Natural hazards research in geography has a long history and has evolved to incorporate the complexities of the physical and human environments, and their interactions. Our understanding of the dimensions of hazards continues to be ever changing. Although they have the characteristic of posing danger to the different social entities of our planet, nevertheless, this danger is not only the result of the natural vulnerability, but the result of the human systems and their associated vulnerabilities towards them. The conference “Natural hazards- lessons from the past, prevention and prediction” has a primary goal to gather all experts and members of professional societies from this research area in order to stimulate new ideas and their incorporation into lifelong quest to make society safer. Identification, risk management assessment and prevention with the use of modern technologies are the primary task in term of exchanging ideas in this field of investigation.


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Joint Research Center (JRC)

Позив за кориштење лабораторија

Заједнички истраживачки центар (JRC) објавио је позив за кориштење научних лабораторија и објеката у  не-нуклеарним и нуклеарним областима.

Позив се односи на:
– Не-нуклеарна: Лабораторија за нанобиотехнологију (пријаве до 13. априла 2018. године)
– Нуклеарна: Европска истраживачка инфраструктура за нуклеарне реакције, радиоактивност, студије зрачења и технологије у науци и примени ( пријаве до 7. марта 2018. године)


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wbc_rti Newsletter -1/18

In Focus: Science Communication

“You don’t really understand something unless you can explain it to your grandmother”. This quote is attributed to Albert Einstein and should be the motto of all professional science communicators. Science communication should be part of a scientist’s everyday life as communicating with society about science and its benefits is more important than ever. Scientists give talks, write papers and proposals, communicate with a variety of audiences, and educate others. ВИШЕ...

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EUA Newsletter 2

EUA Newsletter 2 – 02/02/2018

EUA reacts: Digital Education Action Plan, Key Competences for Lifelong Learning

The European Commission has issued its “Digital Education Action Plan”, the EU’s first major intervention in the field of digital education since the 2013 “Opening up Education” Communication. EUA welcomes the Plan, but invites the Commission to share more information about the proposed Europe-wide platform for digital higher education, the digital connecting of information systems and other planned measures. In addition, as the Commission has also issued its proposal for the Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, EUA calls on the European Parliament and the Council Policy and Projects to not only emphasise Sciences, Technology and Mathematics (STEM), but also to consider skills and competences deriving from the social sciences and humanities.


New EUA position paper on Learning & Teaching

Based on the work of the EUA Learning & Teaching Initiative and the outcomes of the 1st European Learning & Teaching Forum, the EUA Council endorsed a policy statement on 26 January that addresses the changing learning landscape in European universities.
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EUA issues Energy Action Agenda for universities

In a newly-published Action Agenda, EUA calls for the mobilisation of universities that have or are developing energy-related education and training programmes. The need for clean, sustainable and cheaper energy represents one of Europe’s greatest challenges and universities are central in finding solutions.
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How to simplify participation in EU-funded projects? Have your say!

EUA is calling on its members to share ideas on how to make the administration of EU-funded research projects more efficient and less complex, time-consuming and costly. The EUA survey on simplification of the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation will help prepare EUA’s response to the Commission stakeholder consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market.
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Putting European principles on learning and teaching into practice

The European Forum for Enhanced Collaboration in Teaching (EFFECT) project organised a focus group meeting on 31 January 2018 on the topic of institutional strategies for learning and teaching. The meeting expanded on the working paper European Principles for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching that was published in November 2017 and endorsed by the EUA Council.
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Erasmus+: European Commission publishes midterm evaluation report

On 31 January 2018, the European Commission published the external midterm evaluation report of the Erasmus+ programme. The report, “Combined evaluation of Erasmus+ and predecessor programmes”, is accompanied by the Commission’s own report and a staff working paper. They provide evidence for discussions both on the midterm review and on the development of the post-2020 programme. EUA finds that the external report provides extensive documentation and analyses, however some important findings are not even based on Erasmus+, but on its predecessor programmes.
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EUA focus group on universities and public engagement

How can universities facilitate and encourage engagement with the rest of society? EUA gathered participants from 20 universities across Europe to discuss this question at the Open University of Barcelona on 19 January 2018.
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Registrations are now open for a webinar where the outcomes of the EQUIP project ‘Enhancing quality through innovative policy & practice’ will be presented, of which EUA is a partner. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 28 February at 14.00-15.00 CET.
Read more Invitation: EUA doctoral education event, 28 March, Brussels

EUA and its Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) invite you to the doctoral education event “The transformation of doctoral education: why it matters for Europe”. The event will take place on 28 March 2018 at 17.00 hrs. at the Royal Flemish Academy of Sciences and Arts in Brussels, Belgium. It will be followed by a networking reception.
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Learning and Teaching in Europe’s Universities – An EUA position paper

Energy Transition and the Future of Energy Research, Innovation and Education: An Action Agenda for European Universities

Energy Research and Education at European Universities

Public Funding Observatory Report 2017

Brexit and universities FAQ

All Publications

Enhancing Quality through Innovative Policy and Practice: Dissemination and discussion of the findings of the EQUIP project

Fondation Universitaire, Brussels, Belgium

27 February 2018

EUA webinar: Enhancing quality: from policy to practice

28 February 2018

Energy Clustering Event

Université de Lorraine, Nancy, France

21 – 22 March 2018

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Mеђународна конференција на Машинском факултету

Машински факултет Универзитета у Бањој Луци, у сарадњи са Факултетом за инжењерство из Хунедоаре, Универзитет у Темишвару, организује Међународну конференцију примијењених наука (ICAS 2018).

Конференција ће бити одржана на Машинском факултету Универзитета у Бањој Луци у периоду од 9. до 11. маја 2018. године.

Аутори могу да бирају да ли ће радови које приложе бити објављени (након рецензије) у IOP Conference Series–Material Science and Engineering или у часописима наведеним у признатим међународним базама података:


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Технолошки факултет USAID/SWEDEN FARMA II

Технолошки факултет учествује у реализацији USAID/SWEDEN FARMA II пројекта под називом “Успостављање инфраструктуре за пружање стручне подршке за унапређење и развој тржишта у сектору мљекарства“ који реализује заједно са Пољопривредном школом из Бањалуке и Градском развојном агенцијом града Бања Лука – CIDEA. Преглед до сада проведених активности дат је у приложеним документима. ВИШЕ…

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University of Split – University Department of Professional Studies invites you to participate in the 3rd Contemporary Issues in Economy & Technology Conference – CIET 2018 to be held on June 1 – 2, 2018.

The Conference is organized with our partner institutions including ISCAP – Porto Accounting and Business School, ISAG – European Business School, UCCM – Trade Co-operative University of Moldova and TVZ – Zagreb University of Applied Sciences.

This year international conference on contemporary issues in economy and technology focuses on:

  • Accounting And Finance
  • Tourism, Trade and Enterpreneurship
  • Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering
  • Interdisciplinary Teaching and Learning